Guest Post-Great Aunt Beth

For all the occasions we have wished for time to speed up, like waiting for Santa to arrive, or to slow the clock down in order to enjoy a longer vacation, neither is within our control. The best any of us can do is exactly as Jason and Melanie are doing with their daughter, Hailey. What they have done and what Jason’s sister, Becky, has done by setting up Hailey’s Dreams is a lesson – or at least an important reminder – about the outlook we should all have on life.

We live many miles away from my nephew Jason and his family. Not being in a position geographically to help in a meaningful way, felt as hopeless to me as being able to change the pace of time. Eventually it occurred to me that there was something within my grasp that I could do as a way to contribute to initiatives surrounding Hailey.

It was very moving to hear how quickly the community responded and how many amazing things were being done for Hailey and the family. As the weeks and months started adding up, the list of incredible acts of kindness grew longer. Hailey’s story had reached the media and the urgency to act in accordance to her progressing disease became evident.

The answer for me was clear: to find a way to write a book about Hailey.

A year later, the book has evolved into two books and Hailey’s story is every bit as inspiring and heart-wrenching as it was from the outset. My daughter, Lauren, agreed to share her talent for writing to help me co-author two Hailey’s Dreams Princess Books that could be shared for all time.

Princess Pinch Me is the true story told with a fictional twist.

The Princess of Freddy Beach is the behind-the-scenes account of the whole story.

Links to book trailers, reviews, illustrations, and foreword quote from Sheree Fitch as well as where to buy the books can be found at:

You can follow us on Facebook for The Royal Scavenger Hunt book launch on December 14 and beyond

All proceeds go to the Hailey’s Dreams foundation.

Thanks for all your support,

Beth Craig


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November 29, 2013 at 1:45 pm
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